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Welcome to the Fall Semester!

Dear Piano Parents,

Welcome to the fall piano semester! I hope that everyone has had a good transition back to school. There are a few new things happening this semester that I’d like everyone to be aware of.

Piano Practice Incentives (5th grade and younger)

Your student will receive a practice chart every month. Please help your children keep track of the amount of time they practice each day and record it on their chart. At the end of the week, please total the number of minutes and sign your initials to show that you’ve verified the times listed. If your student meets their weekly practice goal that I’ve set for them, they will receive a gold (plastic) coin from the treasure chest. Once they collect 4 gold coins they then have the opportunity to trade them in for a trip to the prize box!

For kids aged 10 and younger, please monitor their progress (or at least have an ear on them) to make sure they are not simply playing all their songs once or twice and calling it good. In lessons we discover how to practice efficiently without simply playing songs over and over until they hopefully *finger crossed* get through it without mistakes. This can lead to a lot of unnecessary frustration. Mistakes or difficult parts in music are best solved by only playing the small group of notes that are causing the difficulty. Feel free to sit in on a portion of your child’s lesson to learn how to help your child practice efficiently!

I will be collecting everyone’s completed practice charts at the end of each month. At the end of the semester in December, whichever student (or students if there’s a tie) with the most consistent practice will win a special prize!


Winter Recital

Our winter recital is Sunday, December 17th at 2:00. It will take place at the University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond. There will be a $5 per student recital fee to help cover the cost of refreshments and facility usage costs. More information will be given as the date approaches. Check our event page on Facebook and invite your friends and family!


Piano Party

The week following the recital we will have a Piano Party! All students participating in the practice incentive program mentioned above will meet at the studio for a 1 hour fun filled group class. We will play duets in different pairs, play theory games, try out some group improvisational music making, and have a group chat about how the recital went. This group class will replace your student’s private lesson that week and will last one hour. Since it's an hour lesson but in a group setting, the cost of this lesson is $35 which will be added into December’s tuition. When the date is nearer, I will take a survey of which day works best for families. It will most likely be either December 18th or 19th in the evening.  

If there is an interest, we can schedule parties for teen and adult students to get together for an hour of ensemble music making and socializing.


Fall Break

The studio is closed from October 12 - 24 for fall break. Classes resume October 25.


Winter Break

The studio is closed from December 20 through January 1st for winter break. Spring semester begins January 2nd.


Hand Shape

I am working with all students about keeping a proper hand position while playing. The knuckle just below the fingernail should always be slightly curved and never bend inwards. Hands should remain curved and should never flatten against the keys. Gently remind students to be aware of their fingers as they play. The sooner this habit develops, the less they will have to think about it and will happen naturally.


Studio Policy

If you haven’t already, please read the Studio Policy. It contains important information about how missed and make-up lessons are handled, payment options, and other relevant information about lessons. You can read the policy online here.


Home Instruments

A home instrument of good quality and in good condition is one of the most important factors in making progress at the piano. Acoustic pianos are ideal, but are not a good option for everyone. Good quality digital keyboards are a great alternative to acoustic and can sound amazingly lifelike. Keyboards must have weighted keys, touch sensitive keys (meaning you can control loud and softness by touch, rather than volume control), a damper pedal, and have a stand with a bench of appropriate height. If you are in need of upgrading your home instrument, please let me know and I can help you find the right instrument for your budget.


Referral Discount

From now until September 1, receive 25% off of one month's tuition when you refer a friend to sign up for lessons! Just have them mention your name and your discount will be applied toward September's tuition. Copy and paste the link below to a friend:


I’m looking forward to what this semester will bring! I am always available through text and email if you have any questions at all.


All the best,

Luisa Matthynssens