Cadenza Studios


Piano Lessons for Children

Learning to play the piano helps children grow into creative and self-disciplined individuals. A solid musical education in theory, sight reading, technique, and musicality is provided to each student, giving them the skills they need to pursue any future music goals. Students are encouraged to explore their creativity by freely experimenting with improvisation and composition.


Recital Opportunities

The Winter and Spring recitals provide an excellent performance opportunity for students to showcase the progress they've made each semester. Students perform solo pieces as well as duets with their siblings, fellow students, or teacher to provide an enjoyable afternoon of music for friends and family.

Practice Incentives

Practicing at home between lessons is an essential part of learning a new instrument. To motivate kids to spend time at the piano at home, we use a practice incentive program that keeps track of and rewards consistent home practice. Kids look forward to their weekly lesson and make huge leaps of progress along the way.

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A Lifetime of Benefits

Studies have shown time and time again that learning to play an instrument has a multitude of positive benefits on childhood development. Kids who have had extracurricular musical training grow to be more disciplined, focused, and emotionally mature than their non-musical peers. Playing the piano is a skill that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. Read more about the benefits of music education here.